What Do You Do When You Have to Be Away and Your Senior Has Dementia?

Elderly Care in Pleasant View UTAs much as you might want to be, you probably can’t be there with your senior all day, every day. That situation becomes more complicated when she’s been diagnosed with dementia.

Lock Down Anything That’s Potentially Dangerous

Depending on your senior’s difficulties with dementia, just about anything could be considered dangerous. Some of the big things to worry about are cleaning supplies and chemicals, medications, and sharp objects. Find ways to secure and otherwise lock away these items and anything else that might pose a danger to your elderly family member.

Declutter as Often as Possible

Get ruthless about clutter. It’s a problem for seniors who have dementia because it can be a huge distraction for her. Her brain already operates differently than it has in the past, so keeping anything front and center that can prove to complicate things is a bad idea. Removing clutter from counters allows your senior to see the brightly colored note you left for her with important information, for instance. On a cluttered counter, she might not see it at all.

Make Emergency Numbers Easy to Find

Emergency numbers are one of those things that you never know when your senior will need them. Make them easy to find in just about any area your elderly family member might look. Put a copy beside her bed, on the fridge, and next to her favorite chair. If you can think of anywhere else to put a copy of these important phone numbers, do so.

Keep up with Detectors and Alarms

Any kinds of alarms and detectors around your senior’s home need to be serviced regularly. This includes smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and even full house alarms. There are usually specific test patterns that manufacturers recommend, so do those. Double check the batteries, especially in any remotes that go along with these devices. Be sure to go over with your senior what to do if these devices go off when you’re not there.

Enlist Elderly Care Providers

It might be an excellent idea to make sure there’s someone there with your senior, especially if you can’t be there. Elderly care providers are able to offer companionship and a friendly face for the most part, but they can also take over if your senior seems to be having a bad day. This can be a great way to keep her as safe as possible while you’re away.

Your senior’s safety is the most important part of managing dementia when you’re away. In the earlier stages, she may be just fine on her own, but as her dementia progresses that becomes more difficult.

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