4 Ways to Deal with Eczema

Elderly Care in Hooper UT: 4 Ways to Deal with EczemaEczema is a common and irritating skin condition. It is also called dermatitis. The condition causes itchy patches of skin to form. The patches are red and may swell and crack. It’s an uncomfortable problem to live with and can impact your aging relative’s quality of life. If your loved one is struggling to deal with eczema symptoms, there are things they can do to ease them. Below are 4 ways for seniors to deal with eczema at home.

#1: Bathe Better

Hot water can make skin even drier. Using warm water can reduce dryness. Also, using mild soaps and cleansers can make a difference. After bathing, don’t rub skin with a towel to dry. Instead, pat it until it is slightly dry. Then, apply moisturizers to seal the remaining water into the skin. Adding colloidal oatmeal to bathwater can also help prevent dryness.

Elderly care providers can assist seniors to bathe safely and use techniques to minimize drying. Elderly care providers can also ensure the senior gets in and out of the bath or shower safely.

#2: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Dry skin is itchy even when a person doesn’t have eczema. When they do have eczema, dry skin can cause a flare up. When the weather is dry, use a humidifier inside the house to add moisture to the air. Also, apply moisturizer two or three times per day. It’s especially important to use moisturizer before bed since itching can be worse at night. Although lotion can be helpful, creams and ointments work better.

Elderly care providers can assist with applying lotion to areas of the skin that are hard for the senior to reach, such as the lower legs or back.

#3: Wear the Right Clothes

Rough or tight fabrics can increase itchiness. Help your aging relative to choose clothes that are soft and loose. Also, seniors with eczema should avoid dressing too warmly since sweating can increase itching, too.

Elderly care providers can assist seniors to choose clothing that is appropriate for the weather, but won’t cause an eczema flare up.

#4: Reduce Dust and Dander in the Home

Dust, pet dander, and cigarette smoke can all irritate the skin of people with eczema. A doctor can perform tests to determine what the older adult is allergic to and what might be causing eczema flare ups. To prevent these substances from irritating the skin, keep the house as free of dust and dander as possible.

Elderly care providers can clean the house for your aging relative. They can dust, vacuum, and mop floors.


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