How Much of Your Mom's Home Can Be Managed Remotely?

Technology is making it easier to control many areas of a home from a remote location. Your mom needs help with certain daily activities. How much can you help her with when you're at work or your home? It may surprise you with the things you can do.

Home Temperature Controls

Do you worry that your mom's heating system isn't working correctly in below zero weather or that her AC didn't kick in on a hot, humid day? Smart thermostats allow you to check the temperature in her home from a remote location and adjust it if necessary. If you find the temperature is rising or sinking despite your adjustments, you know someone needs to go see why the system isn't running.

Monitoring Systems

Security cameras make it easy to monitor your mom's home. Place the cameras so that they focus on exterior doors and her kitchen. You'll see when she gets food or a drink. You'll see if she goes outside and be able to verify that she comes back in.

Many cameras have two-way audio, so if you see something that needs urgent correction, you can talk to her through the camera. For example, if she started to cook breakfast and forgot it was on the stove, you can alert her before it burns.

Smart Appliances

Many household appliances now have smart technology added. One of the popular ones is a smart fridge. View the inside of the fridge while you're in the grocery store to see if your mom is out of milk. Get an alert that she's left the freezer door open. Some of these smart refrigerators even tell you when an item is about to expire.

Leak Detection

Do you ever worry that your mom's pipes freeze and burst in cold temperatures? With home leak detection systems, you get an alert within five seconds of a leak developing. These systems even shut off the water for you to prevent further water damage.


Instead of fumbling in the dark to find a light switch, your mom could simply tell her lights to turn on and off. This can help with fall prevention. She can also use this technology to turn on the lights when she comes home from the store and has her hands full.

Senior care services ease your mind, too. Caregivers offer all of the things home technology provides, but they add companionship. Your mom gains a friend when she has regular senior care visits. She'll have someone to shop with, cook with, and play games with.

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