What Can You Do for a Family Member that Lives Far Away?

Elder Care in Washington Terrace UT: What Can You Do for a Family Member that Lives Far Away?


It’s not unusual at all for family members to live farther away than they ever have and that only becomes a problem when someone you love needs some extra help. If you live far away from your aging family member, these tips can help.

Ask Friends and Family to Check In

If you have friends and family members who live near your senior, they may be able to check in with her now and again. Contact them and find out what they can do and when. You may be able to set up regular visits with them so that you can get more information about what’s happening.

Use Video Calling Services

Your elderly family member can hide a bit on the phone, but that’s a little more difficult to do on a video call. Try using technology to your advantage so that you can see your senior’s face a little more often. You may be able to see signs of pain or other issues that you need to investigate further.

Set up Deliveries

Sometimes it’s difficult for your elderly family member to get out when she needs to, but more and more can be delivered, even remotely. You can set up prescription deliveries, grocery deliveries, and other types of deliveries. These services can make life much easier for your senior and you can help her to keep her home stocked up.

Hire Elder Care Providers

If you’re not fully sure what your elderly family member needs, hiring elder care providers may be a solution. They can help you to assess what is going on and get a more accurate idea of what your elderly family member needs. They can implement quite a few solutions, too, so that you know your senior is in good hands.

Investigate What Might Be Coming

Now is the time to take a closer look at what might be coming down the road for your senior in terms of her health. If she’s becoming more frail now or her chronic health conditions are worsening, that’s a sign that you need to make some changes sooner rather than later.

You may have a little more time than you expect before your senior needs more help from you and from other family members. Take the time that you have now to figure out what your plan is for when that time comes. You may need to rearrange your work situation to be able to work remotely or relocate and those solutions take time to implement.

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