5 Interesting Facts About Fibromyalgia

Home Care Services in Layton UT: 5 Interesting Facts About Fibromyalgia

If learning that your aging relative has fibromyalgia made you go “Huh? Fibro-ma-whatsis?” you’re far from alone. The condition is common, but often misunderstood. Many people aren’t sure what it is or what happens when someone has it. Your first step in being a caregiver to someone with fibromyalgia is to learn as much about the disease as possible. Doing so can help you to understand their needs and provide better care. Here are 5 facts about fibromyalgia to get you started.

#1: Fibromyalgia is the Most Frequent Pain Disorder in the United States

Experts believe that there are around 5 million people in the country who have fibromyalgia, but many of them have not been diagnosed. The reason many cases are undiagnosed is that reaching a diagnosis is quite difficult. The symptoms often mirror other conditions. In some cases, doctors are dismissive of the symptoms, thinking they are “all in the head.”

#2: The Majority of Fibromyalgia Sufferers are Women

Around 80 percent of people with fibromyalgia. However, men can get it, too. Still, women may experience the disease differently than men. Research indicates that women with fibromyalgia typically have a lower tolerance for pain than men with the disease to. In addition, they may respond differently to treatment.

#3: Having Fibromyalgia Can Cause Other Senses to Be Heightened

Doctors believe that the pain of fibromyalgia is caused by nerves being overly sensitive to pain signals. Some people also experience more sensitivity to sounds, smells, light, and touch.

#4: Fibromyalgia Can Have Cognitive Effects

Many people with fibromyalgia report difficulties with memory and thinking skills. They may also have problems concentrating or organizing thoughts and tasks. This is commonly called brain fog.

#5: Fibromyalgia Can Cause Digestive Problems

Approximately 70 percent of people with fibromyalgia have digestive problems like IBS. Sometimes these digestive problems are among the first warning signs of the disease.

Caring for a senior with fibromyalgia can be difficult and require a lot of your time. Home care can offer you a chance to tend to your other responsibilities or do the things you enjoy while they make sure your aging relative is safe and comfortable. Home care providers can help them get things or do things when they are feeling pain. Home care providers can also assist with household tasks, like light cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry. Or, a home care provider can simply offer companionship, so they don’t feel lonely when you can’t be there.



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