Your Parents Want to Age at Home - Important Steps to Take to Make That Happen

Homecare in Clinton UT: Your Parents Want to Age at Home - Important Steps to Take to Make That Happen

It's your parents' dream to age together at home. While there are no guarantees, there are things you can do to help make that happen. Here are the steps you should take to create a safe, comfortable place for your parents to age without having to move.

Perform Safety Inspections of the Entire House

If the house isn't safe, your parents won't be safe. There are some important checks to do. Start by inspecting flooring for loose carpeting, warped or rotted decking, and uneven flooring. Do this inside and out. You don't want your parent to fall on an uneven sidewalk or rotten board.

Look at common areas for falls. Is the lighting bright enough in entryways? Do your parents have to climb on chairs to reach things in the kitchen? Are there grab bars in the bathroom? Fix any issues.

Hire professionals to inspect the heating system for cracks, gas or water leaks, and blocked vent pipes. If your parents use a chimney, make sure the chimney is cleaned and free of cracked liners or crumbling bricks.

Set Up Medical Alert Systems and Security Cameras

Medical alert systems are essential for seniors who are aging at home. If something goes wrong, your mom or dad simply pushes a button. That connects them with a professional who can decide if it's something you can handle or if emergency services need to be dispatched.

Security cameras are also important. You can use them to make sure your mom and dad are up each morning. You can use the cameras to make sure they get up and down stairs safely. You can also use them to see who is at the door or in the house.

A security system with smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire alarms is another good idea. It can alert authorities that your parents are still inside when fire crews show up.

Hire Home Care Services

Caregivers are used to help your parents age at home independently. Your parent has assistance with challenging tasks and is left on their own for things they still do well on their own. Caregivers can cook meals, tackle the housework, or help with reminders.

Home care is an important part of aging at home. Even if one parent is struggling with activities of daily living, you don't want your other parent trying to provide the care on his or her own. Call a home care agency to talk about respite care and other caregiver services.

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