Simple Steps That Help You Feel Uplifted and Less Stressed

The American Institute of Stress surveyed Americans in 2014 and found that work, money, health, relationships, and poor diet were the five most common stressors. Skip forward to 2017 and it's changed. The five most common stressors moved to the future of the U.S., money, work, the political climate, and crime/violence.

In addition to those forms of stress, family caregivers often feel stress providing the right level of care, having little time to themselves, and dealing with family squabbles. It can be overwhelming, and it's up to you to find a way to handle all of that stress.

De-stressing isn't something to push aside. With these simple tips, you can boost your mood and start to feel better by reducing stress.

Turn Off Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends who don't live nearby, but it's a double-edged sword. The comments made on social media can be aggressive and very hurtful. Turn off social media. Revert to email for communication if possible. Pick up the phone or write a letter.

If you can't turn off social media completely, that's okay. You can limit who you have in your list. Get rid of people you haven't seen in years. Drop your list to friends and family members that you see regularly. Set your privacy settings so that only your friends can contact you and post comments or replies.

Say No

It can seem impossible to say no. You have your parents needing a ride to an appointment. You have kids to get to school. You have a work meeting. You're stretched thin, and a good friend asks if you'll take her dog on a walk each day while she's away. If you say yes, you know you'll be overly stressed trying to do it all.

It's hard to say no, but when you're already pressed for time and can't handle another task, you have to do it. Apologize, explain why you have to say no, and stay firm. If your friend gets upset, that's on her. It's rude of her to expect you to drop everything when you already have a full plate.

Arrange Me Time

“Me time” is a phrase that's commonly heard in an anxiety specialist's office. It's time where you shut the door to anyone else and do something you love. It could be an hour in your bedroom or a bubble bath while you read a book. You might lock your way in a studio while you paint or sketch for an hour.

You could go walk on the beach, window shop, or take a drive. Whatever you love doing, leave time each day to do it without interruption from children, family members, or friends.

Make sure you have time for yourself by arranging elder care services. Let a caregiver step in while you step away. Call an elder care agency to arrange part-time coverage.


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